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Ecology Action of Texas

This April we would like to recognize Ecology Action of Texas founded in 1969. Their mission is landfill diversion and zero waste awareness in Austin, TX.

Our studio quietly offers a space that is about dance, peace and awakening. It is situated on 3 acres with well water, chickens and a vegetable garden. We are lovers of nature and want to do our part in honoring and caring for her. We provide washable drinking cups, rather than paper cups for students without water bottles and blue rolled wash cloths for hand towels in the bathroom. We recycle and repurpose what we can both at the sites we dance on and at our studio.

The earth needs each one of us to do what we can to preserve and sustain our environment  and to understand our intrinsic connection to other species and animals that inhabit and share this planet with us.

When you walk on the earth
Tread lightly so that you do not
disturb even a blade of grass.
Awaken to your surroundings
Respect, cherish and care for Mother Nature