This May, we’d like to give a special shout out to Marbridge, a community very near and dear to our hearts at Blue Lapis. Marbridge is a non-profit assisted living community that cares for adults with cognitive disabilities. Through building communities at three beautiful campuses, their mission is to provide a safe home for these individuals to be loved and to grow. Through our involvement with the Mentorship Program at Marbridge, we’ve had the opportunity to spend time with Pat, Blue Lapis Light’s biggest fan. As part of the program, most Thursday evenings, you’ll find Pat watching our Aerial Silks Classes. His presence and enjoyment of what we do at our studio makes the ordinary silks class an extra special experience for our students and teachers. In addition to our mentorship program with Pat, we invite the entire Marbridge Ranch Community to every public BLL performance. 

The mentorship program is just one way to get involved with the Marbridge Community. Other volunteering opportunities include helping during their Special Olympics, being a Class Assistant, a Bingo Assistant, a member of the Compassion Team and more. To learn more about these opportunities visit Marbridge’s volunteer page

Moreover, we’d like to extend an enormous thanks to the Marbridge Community for awarding our Associate Artistic Director and Studio Manager, Nicole Whiteside, the Exceptional Mentor Award 2018. The relationship we have fostered with Pat and the Marbridge Ranch over the past few years is truly invaluable to us, and we are constantly inspired by their mission to pour compassion into their disabled communities.