Belonging, Part OnE

Fall 2017 & 2018 • Seaholm District Plaza

Belonging, Part One is a new site-work by Blue Lapis Light, highlighting the beauty of our earth and our relationship to one another. These performances will feature aerial dancers on the Seaholm architecture with aerialists swinging from the stacks, ground dancers, and digital media focused on the sustainability of our environment.

September 20-24 & 28–October 1, 2017 • September 19-23 & 26-30, 2018 • Seaholm District Plaza, 211 Walter Seaholm Drive, Austin, Texas 78701

PRESS:  Fox 7 with Lauren Petrowski •  CBS | Austin • KLRU | Art in Context


“Sally Jacques is the Christo of dance.”

– Stephen Mills, Artistic Director Ballet Austin

“Blue Lapis Light has soared since the first performance we attended years ago. Sunday night was not just cohesive, consistent, and striking: there were moments of sheer grace when, impossibly, one could almost hear the doors of transcendence creek open. Moments when one wished to embrace humankind at the sight of dancers in suspense, gliding across beams of light in seas of music, as toddlers danced below. Moments when a hundred personal worlds melted away and a hundred souls shared the emotion of a singular vision.

That is an artistic achievement, and it is yours.”

– Philippe Damboumet

“Wow, what a show, loved it, the best therapy!”

– Ken Atwater

“My wife and I recently watched the Seaholm performance of Belonging, Part One. It was excellent and captivating. Not only was your visual performance amazing, but the music that accompanied the performance was equally choreographed.”

– BH

“I cannot tell you what an awesome experience I had. I truly loved every moment! I am so grateful to have been a part of something so rewarding!”

– Lizzy Allen

The performance was incredible. It was truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen… I wept from the beauty of it for most of the show.

– Gretchen