Aerial Silks IV


Aerial Silks IV classes build on vocabulary from beginner’s and intermediate aerial silks technique. Classes include more complex vocabulary, including drops, endurance training, and more advanced conditioning exercises. These classes are open to those who have completed multiple group sessions or to people who have previous aerial experience. Intermediate enrollment is determined upon each individual’s skills and awareness of aerial technique.


NOV 27–JAN 13

NO CLASSES December 24-28

DAYS: Mon/Wed Afternoons
TIME: 12:00-1:30pm
DURATION: 6 weeks: last week in the Carver Theater (student showcase fee included)
PRICE: $300

NOV 28–JAN 13

NO CLASSES December 24-28

DAYS: Tue/Thu Evenings
TIME: 7:15-8:45pm
DURATION: 6 weeks: last week in the Carver Theater (student showcase fee included)
PRICE: $300



LOCATION: Blue Lapis Light studio 10331 Old Manchaca Rd

HYDRATION: Water is provided, but please bring your own water bottle

MISSED CLASSES: If students miss a class, they can be made up in Open Studio

Class attire is tight-fitting workout clothes and bare feet. Baggy clothes may become tangled in the cloth.
• Capri-length pants are recommended. Long tight-fitting pants work, but may need to be rolled up for certain vocabulary. Shorts may gather into uncomfortable positions. 
• Students may want to bring a shirt with sleeves to protect their under arms.
• Leotards and unitards are also recommended as they will provide more coverage for your skin.
• Students should refrain from wearing jewelry that will snag or rip aerial fabric, this includes diamonds or rings with sharp edges, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pants with obtrusive zippers and buttons, diamond-encrusted sports bras, etc.