Aerial silks are a challenging apparatus and classes are offered in sessions to allow students time to build strength needed to maintain and navigate off the ground. Each Group Session can be repeated. Often, students repeat sessions to build strength and confidence before moving into intermediate classes. Teachers take this into consideration and vary the classes accordingly.

Our Classes

Our hope is to uplift and inspire our students to reach new heights and give expression to their inner beauty.

We offer aerial silk classes to our community and visiting artists. Throughout the year, our dance classes provide a unique challenge and offer a creative way for students to develop strength and grace while exploring aerial movement.

Blue Lapis Light also offers aerial workshops for colleges, high schools and community organizations. These workshops are uniquely designed for every project, providing an exceptional dance experience for all participants. We can host master classes at our studio or visit your location to conduct site-specific work.

Each summer we offer the Children’s Aerial Creation Workshop where children work together exploring imaginative aerial movement. At the end of the week, they present their innovative and original work to friends and family members.

Blue Lapis Light also provides movement workshops for children from regional foster care and guardianship organizations such as LifeWorks, the Austin Children’s Shelter, and The BeHive Austin.

Class Info

Class attire is tight-fitting workout clothes and bare feet. Capri-length pants are recommended. Long tight-fitting pants work, but may need to be rolled up for certain vocabulary. Leotards and unitards are also recommended as they will provide more coverage for your skin.

Students may want to bring a shirt with sleeves to protect their under arms. Clothes that are too baggy may become tangled in the cloth, and loose clothing or short shorts may fall over your face or gather into uncomfortable positions. Students should refrain from wearing jewelry that will snag or rip aerial fabric, this includes diamonds or rings with sharp edges, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pants with obtrusive zippers and buttons, diamond-encrusted sports bras, etc.

If students miss a class, they can be made up in Open Studio. Open Studios are for enrolled students or students who have taken aerial classes with Blue Lapis Light. Open Studios are $15 (unless you are making up a class). A 6 week Open Studio Pass is available for $100. Open Studios are intended as self-guided practice with supervision by instructors. They are scheduled Fridays 7-8:30pm and Sundays 3:00-5:00pm.


Curricula & Registration

Aerial Silks Conditioning

Conditioning classes are available to students of all levels. Classes focus on building strength for fluid movement in the air and conditioning the body through repetition of exercises with silks, minimal equipment, and body weight. Excellent for new students and practiced aerialists, these classes are available to enhance one’s quest for aerial endurance, strength, and technique.

Aerial Silks I

Beginner’s classes teach aerial silks technique as an expressive dance form. We explore climbing, leg locks, and a variety of silks vocabulary. Classes include conditioning exercises, targeting core strength and musculature needed for lifting and sustaining your body in the air. Classes are open to people who want to try aerial silks.

Aerial Silks II

Aerial Silks II classes are for students who have completed Aerial Silks I. Students may enroll for Aerial Silks II upon completion of one or multiple sessions of beginner’s aerial silks classes. In some cases, first-time students may join classes. Classes intend to expand upon Aerial Silks I vocabulary, continuing to build strength, stamina, and knowledge of aerial silks technique.

Aerial Silks III

Students may enroll for Aerial Silks III upon completion of one or multiple sessions of Aerial Silks I and II. Classes expand upon Aerial Silks I & II vocabulary and include more complex sequencing and conditioning exercises.

Aerial Silks IV

Aerial Silks IV classes build on vocabulary from beginner’s and intermediate aerial silks technique. Classes include more complex vocabulary, including drops, endurance training, and more advanced conditioning exercises. These classes are open to those who have completed multiple group sessions or to people who have previous aerial experience. Intermediate enrollment is determined upon each individual’s skills and awareness of aerial technique.

Ballet for Aerialists

Have you ever wondered what gives some aerialists a magnetic quality? Lines that look beautiful, movements that are purposeful and clean? It’s time to give your aerial work the boost you’ve been looking for!

Private Classes

Private Classes are available by appointment with various instructors.

All private classes are 1.5 hours and can be tailored to your specific needs, this includes learning new vocabulary, specialized choreography, performance quality, extension, strength, etc.